Warm Taupe Suction Plate

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These silicone suction plates are a must have for every child. 
To ensure that parents and children get their money's worth when eating, our silicone plates are perfectly adapted to the needs of young and old kids.
The practical three-parting allows you to easily portion your meals also they are break-proof even if they fall of the table.

Your child's health is very important so they are 100% food-grande silicone PVC/BPP and BPA-free, waterproof and heat resistant from -40 to 230°C. So nothing is guaranteed to dissolve and you can serve all dishes without hesitation, from hot soup to ice cream. 

Silicone is one of the easiest surfaces to clean and also being dishwasher safe and microwave safe means you can even heat food straight on the plate. The best part is that the plates are resistent to stain, so you can use them over and over again.

Best Suction Results:

All suction plates are strongest when pulled directly up.
Ensure the bottom is slightly wet before sticking
Ensure the area you are sticking too has been wiped clear of dirt etc..
Ensure the surface you are placing it on is smooth, some high chairs have uneven surfaces and different treatments which may lead to less suction. 
Suction performance can be very poor if only pulled directly sideways on a very smooth surface.

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